Stella LED Lamp in White by Stella Lighting
Stella Quilting Sewing Lamp LED White

Stella LED Lamp in White by Stella Lighting

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*3 Color Spectrums - Switch between Warm, Natural, and Cool light- at the touch of a button! 

*5-Level Dimming - Touch integrated dimming down to 10% output. *Flex Arm - Twist Stella’s flex arm to get light exactly where you need it.
*Low Heat - LEDs produce very little heat, making working under Stella safe and comfortable.
*Long Life - If used for 12 hours a day, Stella will still produce 70% of it’s original light after 12 years!
*Easy Transport - LEDs are extremely durable. Because they don’t utilize a traditional filament, you can travel with Stella with peace of mind.
*No Bulb Replacements - Stella doesn’t use a traditional ‘bulb’, meaning you never have to replace parts for as long as you have the lamp. Efficiency - At max consumption, Stella’s ultra efficient LEDs produce just 10W!

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